The PG电子APP bookstore is online and does 不 have a physical location. 这家网上书店由BNC Barnes经营 & Noble College)收购了MBS Direct. Students may get communication from both BNC and MBS Direct.


PG电子APP的t恤、帽子、包等. 可以在我们的网上市场找到, You can also find a limited selection of gear in the Marketplace located in the Student Center on campus.

是的, you will need to create a bookstore 账户 the first time you use the PG电子APP bookstore. 您可以在您的帐户中跟踪您的订单, 查看您的订单历史, 提交的回报, 把租来的书还回去,把自己的书卖回去.

书 & 金融援助

A bookstore 凭证 所有ows you to use financial aid funds to cover the cost of your books. 你可以不用信用卡或借记卡支付 使用可用的财政援助资金. 你的 指控 将被送到PG电子APP和 适用于 学生 账户

No. You must have available financial aid funds after 所有 tuition and fees are paid. 如果您符合条件,您将通过电子邮件收到代金券.  

进入网上书店:, 点击书店券, 输入你的学生证和代金券, 按照屏幕上的步骤操作.  

你应该拨打800客户服务热线.325.3252. If they are 不 able to answer your questions or fix a problem, they will direct you to someone at PG电子APP who can help you. 

为什么我没有得到a 凭证 电子邮件?  
您没有收到电子邮件 使用代金券 because you didn’t apply for financial aid and/or your financial aid wasn’t enough to cover 所有 你的学杂费. 联系 your 金融援助 Counselor if you believe you should have received one.   


If you have charged up to the full amount of the 凭证 and you need to purchase more books, you should contact your 金融援助 Counselor to determine if additional funds are available.  

Can I use a credit card to pay the balance if my bookstore 凭证 doesn’t cover the full cost of my books?  
是的, you can provide a credit card to pay for the balance of your bookstore 指控 if your 凭证 isn’t enough. 

这是 凭证 一个骗局?  
不,这不是骗局. The new online bookstore sends 电子邮件s regarding 凭证s to 所有 学生s who have financial aid funds available in excess of their tuition and fees. 这家网上书店由BNC Barnes经营 & Noble College)收购了MBS Direct. This means that you may get communication from both BNC and MBS. You will receive an 电子邮件 from “BNC Services” with the 电子邮件 address “” which is a legitimate 电子邮件 and contains information on how to use your bookstore 凭证. 

不,这并不意味着免费书籍. 你的书费是用你的助学金支付的. The 凭证 所有ows you to purchase your books through the online bookstore without paying with a credit card and the 指控 will be 适用于 学生 账户 at PG电子APP.  

你的 financial aid refund will be reduced by the amount you charge in the bookstore.  

例如:如果你要得到1美元,000 refund from your financial aid and you charge $600 in the bookstore, 那么你的退款将是400美元.  

What if I’m a 学生 using VA 教育 Benefits for books and supplies?  
Students should coordinate directly with 学生 账户s at


客户服务: 800.325.3252



你可以使用课程编号0找到你的书r “按计划购物”选项. 要使用“按时间表购物”,请输入您的学生查看已注册课程列表. I如果你没有看到你注册的课程, it means your schedule has 不 yet been uploaded to the bookstore. Check back, or simply enter the course ID to view your textbooks.  

My course says I will receive course materials the first day of class. 这是怎么回事?? 
你的 instructor may choose to have your course materials embedded in your course on our learning management system, Canvas. If this is the case, you will need to ‘opt-in’ through Canvas to purchase your course content. 你的导师会提供更多的信息.  

我的一些书 说“需要/以前购买” 这是什么意思??  
有时 your course will require a book that you used in a previous class, 或者你在同一学期上的一门课. 您不需要购买副本. 结帐前仔细检查你的购物车,以确保你是 不 购买同一本书的多个副本或 电子书 


Free shipping is available during the times designated on the bookstore’s webpage: 通常, free shipping is available the first two weeks the bookstore ‘opens’ for the upcoming semester.  

我让人把我的书运到了学院. 我怎么得到它们?  
Textbook pickup is available at new 学生 orientation the Friday before the semester starts. If you are 不 able to pick up your books at new 学生 orientation, 星期一到星期五可以取货, 8 a.m. 到下午4点.m. 在图书馆. 


我想把我的书卖回去. 我该怎么做呢? 
图书回购是通过书店在网上完成的. 了解更多信息请参阅书店网站上的帮助中心. 

Students who choose to rent will receive 电子邮件 communication detailing the return process for rental items. 了解更多信息请参阅书店网站上的帮助中心.